Wednesday, 7 December 2016

December meeting

Our meeting on 6 December, the day that St Nicholas brings gifts for children in much of Europe, was a social occasion with mince pies and some rather yummy biscuits to accompany our tea or coffee. Many members had brought along sketch books or paintings for our show & tell. We don't stand up in front of everyone for this but sit in small groups around tables. Some had also brought reference photographs for discussion about how they might be interpreted. To add to the festive fun we had a free raffle with five prizes - each person was given a raffle ticket when they arrived and the draw took place shortly after our refreshment break.

We were able to learn from each other in the show & tell and we also looked at a YouTube video in which a Canadian artist, Grant Fuller, demonstrated painting fishing boats in watercolour. You can watch it here.

Grant has published a lot of other short videos on YouTube so do take a look at what else is available. Another artists with lots of water colour demonstrations is Umberto Rossini. You don't get to hear his voice only an accompanying music track but he does provide some English subtitles. Here's one of his videos

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