Friday, 5 October 2018

Angela Gaughan - Flowers with Inktense

Detail of her starting point
Angela worked from a large reference photo showing roses. As her method of working is quite slow she had made a start on her painting in advance of the demonstration. 

Angela studied portrait painting but her work is not restricted to portraits. Angela works in all mediums and has demonstrated for Max water soluble oils, Daler Rowney and more recently for Derwent Pencils. She has also featured in the Artist and Leisure Painter magazines. She has demonstrated at a variety of shows and exhibitions and also on television. She is the author of “How to Paint Wildlife in Acrylics”. For more about her work visit her website

Palette at an early stage

Angela worked with Inktense pencils and blocks. For both forms she transferred the pigment to watercolour paper which was used as a palette. A brush (often a Pentel water-brush) was used for painting. Her support was illustration board.

Her tips for working with Inktense pencils and blocks were very helpful.

The blocks were left in their container
She advised against dipping the tips of the pencils in water or lifting pigment directly from the pencil tips with a brush. It was better to make pencil marks on the palette and use the pigment from there.

The blocks were left in their container which could then be used like a watercolour box.

The following pictures show how the work progressed.