Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Cheryl has a great love of animals and her work is finely observed.  For her demonstration on 2 April she chose to paint a racoon.  Using a fine velour pastel card which was black, she outline the image using white, blue and a little black.
Cheryl worked the pastel well into the ground of the pastel card, ensuring us that it would take up to several layers of pastel.  She then introduced the outline of the branch adding subtle colouring.  The definition of eyes and nose were kept til later.
Using a mixture of hard and soft pastels and pencils, Cheryl added the definition for the nose and eyes and then began to work the detail of the fur on the head and face, adding more white well worked in to draw out the features.
The finished painting was full of character and detail, with beautiful attention to fur and eyes.  Several members ordered some of the velour pastel paper to try out in the future.  Thanks to Cheryl
for a special insight into her lovely work!