Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tim Fisher demonstration

Tim Fisher
Tim gave us two demonstrations. The first and main one was using line, ink wash and soft pastel to paint a scene at the Yorkshire coastal village of Staithes. The second showed how to enhance a watercolour painting by applying softpastel.

Tim is a regular contributor to the Leisure Painter and is the author of several books published by Search Press. You can find out more about Tim's work and the painting breaks he offers by visiting his website 

Tim based his demonstration on a photograph he had taken at Staithes. The support for his painting was Fisher400 Artpaper which is a sanded paper suitable for a range of media. This is availableUK from Jacksons Art Supplies and from in the in the US.

Tim began with an ink line drawing using a long match stick to apply black FW acrylic ink. This has to be done with the support close to vertical to prevent ink blots on the support. The ink ran down over his fingers so the problems that would arise if working flat were fairly obvious!

The next stage looked a bit scary to start with as Tim applied washed of various brightly coloured acrylic inks across his drawing.

The images that follow show how the painting progressed