Friday, 15 June 2012

West Malvern Arts Festival

Dru Bentley has kindly provided details of this free event.

West Malvern Arts Festival 2012
Friday 17th-Sunday 19th August
Hours open: Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm

Monday, 4 June 2012

Exhibition Pictures

The Jubilee Exhibition is certainly attracting the visitors. Despite the awful weather yesterday there were still reasonable numbers. Better weather to day brought out even more. It looks like card sales are up on last year but sales of original paintings is about the same so far. This is only my second year seeing the exhibition so I can't really compare with the past but I have been impressed by the great variety of entries and others tell me it goes on improving each year.

Click 'Read more' for further pictures so you can judge the variety for yourself. Even better, come and see for yourself - there's still a day to go.

Understanding Watercolour

I was stewarding at the LAS Exhibition this afternoon which gave me an opportunity to watch Nigel Street demonstrating his water colour techniques and hear some useful tips. He really does understand the medium and I think I could learn quite a lot from him. I know he's running a couple of weekend courses at Trumpet Corner in October and I'm seriously considering booking. I just need to make sure about holiday times first.

Nigel hasn't yet put the details on his website yet but that is worth looking at any way - The courses that tempt me last two days: 6th - 7th October and 13th - 14th October. Pick up a leaflet from Trumpet Corner or call in at the LAS Exhibition on its final day (Tuesday 5 June)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Exhibition Preview

A great sense of excitement as members and guests gathered for the preview. Tony Bateman had done a fantastic job adjusting the display and adding labels at the end of the afternoon. Sculptor Guy Woodford was guest speaker for the opening and had clearly made sure he arrived early to view the exhibits before many people arrived. He was able to comment on the great range of styles, subjects and moods on display and emphasised the importance of form.

Thanks to Oliver Hill we have plenty of pictures from the evening. Click on "Read more" to see them

Hanging Day

Get them off the floor
This evening is the members' preview of the Jubilee Exhibition. Doors open to the public at 10am on Saturday (see the Coming Soon page for more details).

Volunteers have been busy all day moving and setting up display boards, booking in exhibits and then fixing them to the boards.

"Get them off the floor" is the first stage of hanging and this picture was taken toward the end of the process. The next step is to readjust the positions to optimize the layout.

This year there are almost 150 art works on display. In addition unframed pictures and prints will be displayed in browsers. If you can't afford an original work of art then make sure you buy some cards from the stands near the entrance/exit.