Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Ledbury Community Day and Trip to Compton Verney

Our stall at Ledbury Community Day attracted a lot of interest from visitors as they were asked to vote for their favourite among those on display. Belinda Morgan's picture of the 'Market House' won 'Favourite Picture' in the public vote. We had a real buzz of interest and more than 100 voters. She was  followed closely by Tony Bateman and Ian Fountaine came third. More than 10 pictures got at least three votes. We had around fifteen 'In and Around Ledbury' pictures in all... As much as we could fit on the table. Thank you to all who supplied pictures. It's a pity we couldn't display more.

The weather was a challenge for anyone attempting to paint or draw outdoors but Meg Keeble found a nice corner under the Market House.

This event was our second of the week as 14 people enjoyed out coach trip to Compton Verney on the Wednesday. An enjoyable and worthwhile visit.