Monday, 19 December 2016

Pete the Street

Probably the best one person exhibition I've seen anywhere! This one happens to be in my favourite gallery, the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. Pete Brown paints en plein air, mostly in Bath where he lives. He is so well known there that he is known as Pete the Street. The exhibition has 140 oil paintings done over a two year period and some charcoal drawings. As well as the expected paintings of Bath, there are some from the Glastonbury Festival, from London, Dublin and Arles. All his works seem to give a great sense of light and space. While most of his paintings have been done in the street in all sorts of weather, he has a couple on show that he has also painted again in his studio on a very large scale.

The Artist has a feature on his work and this exhibition in their current edition. If you want to see more of his work and his publications then visit his website. Here's a preview of his oil sketches video

This is a must see exhibition and it continues until 19 February 2017.

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