Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Exhibition Final Day

Marcle Steam Rally - Ian Fountaine
Ian Fountaine sold a second painting on Sunday and there was a trickle of card sales so we finished with total sales close to £700. Visitors throughout the week (323) had been appreciative of the quality and range of work and it was good to have twenty members exhibiting in the Weavers Gallery. This was the first time the art society had exhibited in a gallery rather than a public hall. Some had exhibited there before but for many members this was the first time their work had been shown in a gallery and, from comments heard, it sounds as though this was a good experience.

After the record number of visitors on Saturday, our final day seemed a bit of a let down but at least it gave us time to draw breath before dismantling everything. How strange it seemed at the end with bare walls. Even more strange visiting today and seeing it transformed by colour once more but with textiles rather than paintings. I enjoyed my brief visit to the current exhibition by a group of textile artists called Out of the Blue

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