Thursday, 9 November 2017

Marion Yeo - Acrylic Landscape

Marion Yeo is a Worcester based artist who uses nature as her inspiration. Her reference photo for the demonstration was of a forest in Cornwall.

She usually lays down some colour on her canvas before beginning a painting. In this instance she has used a two-tone background.

The next step is to indicate some of the main features - in this case the edges of the river and the tree trunks and larger branches. This was done using Payne's Grey.

She kept us well entertained with a series of quotations and stories as well as describing her working methods.

She continued to add darker values and then added some white for parts of the river and as an under-painting for brighter leaves.

She had prepared this in advance
and her demonstration continued with this
She doesn't use a restricted palette
but suggested these colours as a minimum

Greens added

Orange leaves over some of the white

Using a cocktail stick to add paint

Blue and red has been added with a cocktail stick 

Time was up at this point
She'll probably continue adding to it

One she had done previously

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