Monday, 28 May 2018

Summer Exhibition and Painting Challenge

The exhibition stars of Summer 2017
I'm looking forward to our summer exhibition which starts on 4 June in the Weavers Gallery, Church Lane, Ledbury HR8 1DW

It's open to the public:
  •  2 - 4 pm on Monday 4 June
  •  10am - 4.30pm Tuesday 5 through to Saturday 9 June
  •  10am - 2pm on Sunday 10 June

Ledbury should be buzzing on the Saturday as that is the Community Day when the town's many clubs and voluntary organisations showcase their work. For information about all the groups (arranged by venue) visit

Last week I painted four pictures. Three were to suit titles I'd dreamed up when on holiday in Italy and entered for the exhibition. The fourth was because one of the paintings I had already done for the exhibition was really badly done and I don't know why I had entered it. Painting so much in a short period is a useful challenge and I recommend trying it sometime.

Shutters in Garda
One of my paintings was based on this photo of delapidated shutters. My wife complains I don't take normal holidays photos! You are free to use my photo as a reference for your own painting or drawing in whatever medium you favour. If you'd like to share a digital image of your work then do please send it to

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