Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Painting Challenge - Canoe Slalom

Several people have reminded me that I haven't set a painting/drawing challenge for some time. Now that things have settled down after the exhibition I thought I'd share one of the photos I took in Italy last month. Email a digital image of your picture to laschallenge@yahoo.com

I've chosen this one as it is uncluttered by the trees and life-savers on both sides of the river and by the various wires and poles suspended above the river to form the gates for this international slalom competition held in Merano on 20-21 May. This is a fast flowing, icy cold alpine river and half the difficulty with painting this will be keeping the dynamism that shows even in this still photograph which I took from the the vantage point of a bridge near the finishing line.

If you really want to appreciate the movement of this river and the difficulties for canoeists then take a look at this video from the day we were there.

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