Saturday, 23 April 2016

Workshop - Seascapes in Acrylic and Oil

One of Colin's paintings
Colin Ross Jack, who had demonstrated for us in February, led today's workshop at Wellington Heath Memorial Hall. We were glad to welcome a few non-members and to share a day's painting. Colin had brought plenty of his paintings and many photos to serve as inspiration for our own efforts.

He began with a brief introduction to his method which he was able to demonstrate very rapidly, not by painting but by bringing along six canvases, one for each stage. The stages were: 1. paint the canvas/board with thin acrylic in a mid tone; 2. choose a composition; 3. sketch composition with chalk; 4. sketch composition with thin acrylic paint using a small brush to follow chalk lines; 5. acrylic tonal underpainting, dark tones first than lightest lights then mid-tones; finish rocks with thicker acrylic and texture; 6. finally paint it in oil or acrylic ... enjoy!

Encouraged by their first painting, many people went on to paint or start painting another picture and generally found they could paint much more rapidly and with a looser style.

Colin took photos of all the paintings and has posted them on Facebook. You'll also find lots of images of Colin's work on his website  I managed photos of the first lot of paintings. Not all were complete at that point and it looks like my hands could have been steadier for some of them but here they are anyway.

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