Saturday, 13 February 2016

Inspired by Colin Ross Jack

I was inspired by our February demonstration to have a go myself. I followed Colin Ross Jack's method of putting in the two tonal extremes and then developing a tonal painting before adding colour. It's been a little while since I used my acrylics but I worked fairly rapidly and was reasonably pleased with the result. I painted on a sheet of A3 acrylic paper. I used a tooth brush to create the white marks on the nearest rocks and some of the finer marks on the other rocks.

The land in the background is the island of Bressay and the land in front of it is The Nab, a promontory on the edge of Lerwick. When we lived in Shetland we could see these from the windows at the rear of the house. The view in the painting is from a point about 200 metres from our former home.

If others were inspired by Colin's demonstration, please let me have photos that I can post on the blog.

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