Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Christopher Hughes - Watercolour

After more than thirty years as a full time working artist Christopher Hughes had plenty of experience to share with us yesterday. Before he began the demonstration he told us a little of his story which included working at Worcester Porcelain and running classes - at his home and studio in Worcestershire, on the Greek Island of Alonissos and online using Skype. To find out more about his work and courses visit his website

He brought along some of his painted porcelain plaques and responded to the many questions LAS members through at him about the processes involved.

I don't think many, if any, of us are likely to try painting porcelain and after painting so much fruit for Worcester Porcelain he confessed that he had gone off fruit. Vegetables were a different matter, so he had brought along an arrangement on a plate that was to be the subject of his still life watercolour demonstration (see above).

Christopher emphasized the value of a good drawing as the basis for watercolour paintings. He recommended frequent use of sketch books so that drawing is eventually something done with the body relaxed, particularly the shoulders. This posture and greater distance from the paper leads to more fluid pencil marks and translates a similar freedom and fluidity to painting.

After careful drawing he used a diluted light blue to define darks and lights


Notice how he works without an easel and is therefore able to change the position and angle of his work. This must feel completely natural after painting on porcelain vases held in the hand. Below you can see something of the development of the painting.


Unfortunately I cannot show the finished picture (Ran out of memory on the camera) but members who come along to the Exhibition Preview will find it as a prize in the raffle. Many thanks to Christopher for an interesting demonstration and his generosity in donating the painting.

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