Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nature in Art

I was pleasantly surprised by today's presentation. Simon Trapnell, Director of Nature in Art, is an engaging speaker who has been involved with the museum since it was no more than an idea. Through the many images presented we gained insights into the variety of the collection and, thanks to Simon's knowledge, into the work of many of the artists.

I should perhaps explain why I was surprised. Because I'm a frequent visitor to Nature in Art and always enjoy the mix of 'old friends' and special exhibitions I didn't expect to be so stimulated by an illustrated talk. I can highly recommend inviting Simon to talk to any art group. He's not an artist but he understands art inspired by nature and communicates very effectively.

One thing I have always enjoyed on my visits is seeing the artists in residence at work. There's about 60 each year. I don't know how some of them get much work done with the constant stream of visitors questioning them but I've always found them keen to talk about their art and their methods of working.

Don't try to take in everything at once. Take a break part way through your visit and enjoy coffee and cake in the restaurant ... or stop for lunch.

Take a look at the website http://www.nature-in-art.org.uk for the programme and other details.

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