Thursday, 10 May 2012

Arnold Lowrey

Arnold Lowrey gave a lively demonstration of acrylic painting at our May meeting. Working quickly he showed how interesting colour and shapes can make a painting.

His first demonstration was a simple cottage in a rural setting. The image on the left shows this at an early stage. Arnold was working on watercolour paper.

Arnold is obviously not interested in detail: "Paint the dog not the fleas!" His demonstration was punctuated by many amusing comments and stories.

As he began a picture with rocks and sea (finished image on right) he commented that many paintings of hills and mountains are ruined by uninteresting shapes: "Egyptian pyramids in the middle of rolling countryside". He told of the American artist, William 'Skip' Lawrence, telling a student that his painting had boring shapes. "But I painted what was there!" said the student. To which Skip responded, "Well don't go there again!".

Arnold uses a razor blade in wet paint to add interesting shapes to some of the rocks.

To see more of Arnold's work visit his websites and You will also find him on Facebook and YouTube. The short clip below shows him demonstrating how to paint a very similar scene.

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