Tea Vicar ... one lump or two??
We begin the first of our Members Artwork pages with Daph Willett's work.
Daph visited Art in Nature and saw the work of Claudia Hahn who often paints using tea!
So Daph thought she'd try it (as you do).
She drew the hare first, lightly, and then started with a few lines of pen where there would be shadows eg around the throat, and then with ordinary household tea, started painting.  Where darker shadows were needed, she used a little coffee .....

The eye was the hardest, and it took a long time.  Using a picture from a magazine as a good reference, she finished the eye with tea, and a splash of gouache for the light source in the eye.
Daph then put in the pen work, and added more washes of tea where she wanted darker shadows.
I think we'll all agree it is a stunning piece of artwork and hat's off to Daph for having a go!
What an inspiration.  Thanks Daph.
If you are working on a new piece of artwork please let me know and I can share your work with other members.  Thanks.  Sue

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